Use and Description

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The birth of Regoblock

Regoblock was created to solve all kinds of problems which may arise during the implementation of iron structures such as doors, windows, erasers, and others.

It is realized in several models with various elongations.

By means of a front allen from 6-8-10-12-14 (at customer’s choice), it is inserted in any type of tubular system allowing the installation and fastening
of the iron structure in a few minutes.

How to use Regoblock

1. The tubular form is perforated.

2. The Regoblock is inserted in the tubular form.

3. The Regoblock is welded to the tubular form.

4. Once all Regoblocks are inserted, the frame is ready for implementation.

5. Using a hex key, which is inserted in the Regoblock, the iron structure is adjusted into the masonry shaft.

6. Once the centering of the structure is effected, the installer makes a hole for the insertion of the fixing plug.

7. The Regoblock is produced with a passing hole through which the tip for the drilling of the cement wall can be inserted.

9. Some plastic caps are provided in order to be inserted into the tubular hole.

8. The dowel is inserted and screwed.

Examples of iron structures, doors and erasers, to be implemented by the Regoblock system.